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I’m Akash. I’m a software developer turned life hacker and experimentalist. I am fascinated by human behavior biology, philosophy, science, technology and startups. I love to think deeply about topics and write!

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Heys is a collection of my letters I send to myself. It's a way for me to step out of me and reflect on me, and life.

Hey Akash, how are you doing?

I see that you desperately keep trying to get rid of your bad coping mechanisms but seem to fail miserably. You know, you don’t have to be so harsh on yourself over it. Put the gun down. Being harsh perpetuates the cycle that you seem to want to get out of. You gotta realize that these coping mechanisms, however bad it may seem, served a very real purpose for you. You can’t just wake up one day instantly get rid of it cause you no longer like/need it. You gotta be gentler, sit with them, and slowly cultivate better coping mechanisms. But they can never come from the place of hate, they should come from the place of love.

Have a lovely evening my friend,

Hey Akash, how are you doing today?

Akash you gotta meet yourself where you’re at. Sure you wanna do these grand things but you gotta start small, take baby steps, and celebrate your wins no matter how small. This generates momentum, and helps you build trust in yourself (that-casual-confidence-in-oneself-kind). This is the way.

Have a lovely evening my friend