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I’m Akash. I’m a software developer turned life hacker and experimentalist. I am fascinated by human behavior biology, philosophy, science, technology and startups. I love to think deeply about topics and write!

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Heys is a collection of my letters I send to myself. It's a way for me to step out of me and reflect on me, and life.

Yo Akash how are you doing today?

I think finally figured out why you’re not making progress, It’s kinda obvious in hindsight and you probably knew it already, but the reason is that a. you lack focus, and b. you lack intensity. I want you to figure out your number one priority, literally whatever it is, and then crank up the intensity on that thing. Can you promise to do that for me?

Have a productive day my friend


Hey Akash how are you doing today?

Akash I feel like sometimes you say you want something but really it’s just that you want to want that thing because that’s what other people want. Does it make sense? For example, you see that other people are earning lots of money and you feel like you should also earn lots of money too. But you never really wanted to earn lots of money. Normally all of this is just fine but I feel like you kinda punish yourself for not achieving said goals but the reason you didn’t achieve isn’t because you’re lazy, stupid, incompetent or whatever, Nah it’s that those goals were never really your goals to begin with. So I want you sit down for a minute and just think about what you want out of life you know?

Have a lovely evening my friend